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Our Team


David Jones

I started my company after many years of experience working as a groundworker / supervisor.  I have worked on many sites and many residential properties.  I absolutely love doing what I do, and I enjoy nothing more than excellent feedback from happy customers and customer satisfaction. My dedication to mentoring and helping others has helped me create successful teams that support each other. My enthusiasm and desire to improve my company's performance is what I am about, growing a reliable company.


Rachel Whan  
Executive Administrative Director

United with my partner, we propel the company while nurturing an environment defined by excellence and inclusivity.

Through synchronized efforts, we ensure seamless operations at RDJ Groundworks Ltd. This is where I channel my passion, creating a workspace that values and embraces diverse contributions.

Together, we fashion more than just a business; we shape a legacy – RDJ Groundworks Ltd – a realm where unity, achievement, and shared brilliance stand as a testament to our commitment.

Our Family


Rocco - In Training

RDJ Groundworks Ltd: Where Family and Foundations Unite! Our story is one of a thriving family-run enterprise, where the passion for groundworks runs deep within our roots.

Meet Rocco, a young visionary with dreams as sturdy as the foundations we build. Inspired by the remarkable legacy of his father and uncle, Nathan, Rocco's aspiration is crystal clear - to become a skilled and dedicated ground worker, just like the remarkable role models he looks up to.


Alfie - The Ambitious

Meet Alfie: Paving My Path to Groundworking Glory, and conquering heavy machinery.

Imagine a young enthusiast at the brink of endless possibilities - that's me, Alfie. My passion for reshaping landscapes is boundless.


Staff Wanted

Were are hiring! If you are interested in a role with RDJ Groundworks Ltd. Then why not apply today.

Our Services

Machine Hire / Muck Away/Site Clearance / Installation of Footings & Foundations / Drainage Provision / Utilities Site Landscaping / Extensions Footings / Indian Sandstone / Block Paving Patios / Driveways / Fencing / Brickwork 

 Artificial Turf 

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